Simplifying work
through the power of technology

Your effectiveness is our prime directive.

Who are we?

We are convinced that many challenges can be solved with a thoughtful application of modern technologies. Therefore, we support you with our technology and knowledge to run your business effectively and sustainably.

We are software and mechanical engineers, mathematicians and AI experts with a passion for smart solutions and automation. We love what we do and are deeply committed to ensuring that our products and services help you succeed. Whether for large or small businesses, in industrial manufacturing, infrastructure management or any other environment: Your effectiveness is our prime directive!

Our Mission


Next level of efficiency

We want to operate machines so efficiently that people can concentrate on more complex, more exciting tasks.

Technology in context

We don't see technology as an end in itself. It is always in the context of human needs and should help to better meet them. So that a person remains a person.


Sustainable production

We want to help create a new world of work in which people live sustainably and with dignity.

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