New work design for Industry 5.0

Better working conditions and decision-making assistance for machine operators.

People are at the heart of everything

Technology should stand in the context of human work and support people. Since automation and Industry 4.0, machines can already take on the unpleasant monotonous or dangerous activities. With Industry 5.0, people and machines become an even more powerful team: Smart machines with AI can support people in making decisions and troubleshooting, as they can not only prepare the data so that it can be used by people, but also learn through interactions with them.


Appreciate manpower

Instead of turning people into machines, we recognize what makes them unique – and give them the opportunity to apply and develop their skills.


Preserve jobs

People remain important and take on complex tasks in the smart factory that go beyond the capabilities of AI.


Use assets longer

Existing systems can be maintained better and used longer, which leads to less waste and lower costs for new acquisitions.


Improve work experience

Smart machines free employees from monotonous activities and support them in making important decisions.


Create job diversity

The creation and operation of AI systems require a large number of new skills - an opportunity to qualify for exciting job profiles.


Counteract the shortage of skilled workers

New employees are optimally trained and supported by smart systems.

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Industry 5.0 makes people and machines a team

In the intelligent factory, humans and machines work together in a new way. It is by no means about replacing people. Rather, the teamwork should be optimized: Robots take over strenuous, monotonous activities, AI systems support the monitoring of parameters and critical decisions - and thus help people to do their work more efficiently and while focusing on their strengths. Humans, in turn, can better maintain their systems and use them in the long term - and improve the AI, which can thus make more precise predictions.

Human in the loop

No smart factory can do without people. On the contrary: only through the interaction between man and machine does the AI system learn the subtleties that are necessary for the correct application of quality criteria and the creation of predictions. And when it comes to decisions, people always have the last word.


Getting closer to the circular economy

Responsible and sustainable use of the world's resources is important to us. We fully support the goals of the Charter for European Manufacturing within the framework of Horizon Europe and are committed to making them a reality as soon as possible. Together with the University of Oldenburg, we are researching ways of converting production into a cycle and, for example, reusing the remains of the electroplating process.

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