Where can Smart Monitoring help?


Optimize productivity, energy efficiency.

Your challenges


Avoid delivery delays

"I need to know when something is not going according to plan in order to guarantee on-time and effective delivery."


Detect machine defects in good time

"I have to be able to quickly identify, analyze and correct problems in production or machine defects."


production costs

"I have to plan resources correctly so that production is profitable and customers are satisfied."


Tackle the
skilled workers shortage

"Experienced employees recognize machine problems immediately - but they are rare on the job market and training is tedious and expensive."

This is how smart monitoring helps

Quick implementation
of knowledge
in action

The AI-supported monitoring of the production line ensures more transparency of the processes. This enables you to recognise critical situations such as delays in production schedule or machine defects in good time and to take appropriate measures. You can also find sources of error more quickly: Thanks to the clear processing of the sensor data, regularities and correlations become clear. This enables hypotheses to be tracked and evaluated quickly. Data-driven analyzes and forecasts also allow more precise planning of resources and maintenance, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


On the pulse of the factory

Listen to your machines: Your data becomes valuable predictions
that you can use to identify and fix problems early.

Monitor and optimise
production processes

The Smart Monitoring Cloud brings together data from various sources and supports their monitoring and analysis. Deviations, malfunctions and defects can be recognised early and even predicted thanks to self-learning algorithms. The system uses a warning to draw attention to possible problems that require intervention or a decision by an employee.

Improve reliability of
delivery and scheduling

Self-learning algorithms with a global insight into the production process provide workers with recommendations as well as predictions on production quantities, order duration and scrap rates. This enables an improvement in the OEE as well as precise planning: the machine can run longer to fulfill an order. Or the order can be split between two machines in order to prevent one machine from overheating and to complete the order on time.

Visualization of real-time data supports decisions

From the order overview to the machine status to OEE: every step of the manufacturing process can be viewed. Clear diagrams offer a quick insight into the details and help with troubleshooting on different levels: Is the problem with the material, with the CAD model, with a machine error, a shift change? The data enables hypotheses to be tracked and evaluated quickly and easily.

Minimise product
liability risks

The long-term storage of core data of the production process allows later evaluations. In combination with the semantic production data mode, a high level of accuracy of the analyzes is made possible. This enables you to ensure compliance and minimize product liability risks.


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Case Study: Predictive Quality

Minimise scrap in
continuous casting

With the continuous casting process, rejects of up to 10 percent can occur. Faulty cargoes are melted down and poured again - which, in addition to further rejects, leads to a loss of time in the production of the required quantities. For predictive quality assurance, the Smart Monitoring System keeps an eye on the process parameters and makes them available to the responsible production team so that corrective measures for an optimal production result can be taken in good time. And less scrap ultimately means fewer runs, shorter production times and lower costs.

Where can Smart Monitoring help?



Increase the security and lifespan of critical infrastructures by analyzing real-time data


Industrial buildings

Improve compliance and working conditions for people and machines with lower maintenance costs

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