Where can Smart Monitoring help?

Industrial buildings

Improve compliance and working conditions for people.

Your challenges


Minimize scrap

"I have to minimise wear and tear and production scrap."


Optimize environmental factors

"I have to create optimal conditions for the machines to run."


Extend the useful life

„Ich muss die langfristige Nutzung der Maschinen sicherstellen, um Kosten gering zu halten und die Nachhaltigkeit zu erhöhen.“


Monitor environmental factors

"I need to keep an eye on the machines and their surroundings."

This is how smart monitoring helps

Safe and attractive workplaces for people

A good work environment is the basis for high productivity. This does not only apply to people: environmental factors can impair the correct functioning of systems and make them more susceptible to maintenance. With the Smart Monitoring Cloud, you can monitor air quality, humidity, light and temperature in rooms such as offices, production halls and warehouses. By comparison with the digital twin, anomalies are quickly recognized and notifications or alarms are triggered. Compliance with regulations for industrial environments can also be ensured in this way.


Man and machine – an unbeatable team

What makes a team unique? That it goes further than any individual.
Because in a team, the strengths of all members come together.


resilience of assets

The right environmental factors make a decisive contribution to increasing the service life of machines and reducing maintenance costs. Based on data from elementary sensors, the status of the lighting, CO2 or VOC values, humidity, temperature, vibration or noise level in offices, production halls and warehouses can be recorded and evaluated.

Easily retrofitted

Regardless of whether they are old or new: All rooms and systems can be equipped with appropriate sensors at any time and connected to the Smart Monitoring Cloud.


Ensure compliance

Through permanent recording and control of the environmental parameters, you ensure that the legal framework values are always adhered to.

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Where can Smart Monitoring help?



Optimize productivity and quality through data-supported forecasts and maximum transparency



Increase the security and lifespan of critical infrastructures by analyzing real-time data

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