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We see technology in the context of human needs. Technology should assist people and free them up to focus on more complex tasks. For some time now, technology has been taking over monotonous and physically demanding tasks, for example in robotics. With AI, it becomes an advisor to humans and can support them in making difficult decisions – by clearly processing insights from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data and forecasting produced quality and maintenance requirements. All of this benefits people's well-being by allowing them to perform higher-value activities in healthier and more pleasant working environments and to live in a better (working) world as a result of efficient and sustainable processes.

Where can Smart Monitoring help?



Optimize productivity and quality through data-supported forecasts and maximum transparency



Increase the security and lifespan of critical infrastructures by analyzing real-time data


Industrial buildings

Improve compliance and working conditions for people and machines with lower maintenance costs

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Identify. Decide. Act.

Smart monitoring entails using data to make well-informed decisions more quickly. We make it happen. Data from facilities, machines, infrastructures, or processes in a company is consolidated and monitored, and deviations, malfunctions, or defects are detected and even predicted. With the help of our Smart Monitoring Cloud, you identify, decide and act against the problem – identify, decide, act (IDA). The Smart Monitoring Cloud provides intelligent digital twins that can be securely integrated into your business processes right out of the box. As a result, you promote greater transparency, effectiveness, and resilience in terms of asset reliability or productivity, delivery reliability, and operating or maintenance costs.

Who will benefit from Smart Monitoring?

Machine Workers

Predict deviations in production

Monitor machine status and quickly identify defects thanks to the clear display and full transparency

Provide instructions directly at the workplace

Support with decisions

Maintenance Engineers

Prevent machine failures through predictive maintenance

Identify the causes of machine errors with the help of clearly displayed sensor data

Enable planning of meaningful maintenance intervals

Reduce maintenance costs

Quality Assurance

Predict deviations in production and initiate countermeasures in good time through predictive quality assurance
(Predictive Quality)

delivery and scheduling

Increase productivity and quality


Ensure maximal long-term use of the machines

Minimize purchase and maintenance costs

Assistance with regulatory compliance

Better compliance with corporate goals through more transparency in the production process

Make workplaces safe and attractive

disruptions cost
time and money

With Smart Monitoring, you know in good time where problems may arise and initiate targeted countermeasures. Downtimes are kept to a minimum and the service life of the plants is increased.
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