What does lilli help with?

Smart knowledge transfer has many use cases

Improve skills and performance in the workplace

With lilli, employees always have access to the latest information in order to do their daily work safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or problems, you have a clear contact point and receive targeted and practice-oriented help. The experience of solving tasks independently also increases self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Make pre- and onboarding more efficient

With lilli, new employees get the right briefing and can come back at any time if they have any questions. So you can quickly become productive.

Always there,
better and better

Continuous improvement with small steps: Microlearnings always bring with you, employees quickly up to date - with learning control.

Improve the flow of information

Everyone gets the information they need. The morning briefing? Checked off quickly. The safety briefing? Done on site. The question about the correct procedure? Clarified immediately thanks to search. The result? Satisfied employees, satisfied managers, satisfied customers

Increase user loyalty

When, where and how an employee learns is up to them. Only they know when they need support and can integrate the learning unit so perfectly into their work process. In addition, the modules match his level of knowledge - and do not bore him with things that he has long known. Interactive formats make working with lilli varied and interesting. This way, learning is fun and the knowledge sticks better.

New Stories
Lives transformed

Like a good mentor

The app is always with you and helps when you need it -
but without being obtrusive.

Ensure compliance

Regular training ensures the safety of employees in the workplace. It is therefore essential that they are always up to date. A certificate is automatically created for each successfully completed microlearning module so that complete documentation is available. In addition, personal data is stored in compliance with the GDPR and on European servers.

Implement continuous improvement process

Microlearning is an important component in a sustainable improvement process. Because only if employees continuously develop and deepen their knowledge can the company grow as a whole and become better at fulfilling its mission.

How does lilli solve problems?