How does lilli solve problems?

With microlearning
a bit every day
getting better


Learning today has to be a lot in order to meet the requirements of business and employees: easy to consume, useful for the current task, available everywhere, flexible, sustainable and verifiable. With small learning units, microlearning helps to impart useful knowledge and to continuously improve the business.

Learn more efficiently

Completing a learning unit only takes a few minutes. The units are highly focused, easy to understand and self-contained.

Motivate employees

The learning units are designed to be interactive and can use different media and learning formats, for example videos, quizzes or infographics. More fun and motivation ensure that employees enjoy working with microlearnings and use them more often.

solve problems

No matter when, no matter where: Microlearnings help. They can be called up directly at the workplace via mobile devices. They do not interrupt for long, but give as much information as is needed to solve the task.

Learn in a personalized way

Microlearning optimally addresses the needs of the individual learner. Every employee gets the learning units they need. When and where he works on them, whether individually or several units at a time, is up to him.

To keep in mind

Against forgetting: Microlearning helps to improve the level of knowledge in the long term. Knowledge is learned interactively and repeated regularly. This will anchor it in the memory better than a purely passive presentation.

Boost self-confidence

New knowledge and improved skills help employees feel up to their task and make safe decisions.

Are you all satisfied?

Satisfied employees, better performance, satisfied customers. With microlearnings
everyone knows exactly what to do and can do their best.

Continuous improvement process

The best mistakes are those that do not arise in the first place. To do this, employees must receive the right support. Only when everyone knows what to do can they deliver the best possible results - and the company get better.


For a smooth user experience, lilli can be easily and securely integrated into your company's existing processes and infrastructure. ERP systems and especially the HR modules can be connected to lilli in order to synchronize employees' personal data. With the help of these work profiles, training courses can be planned in a targeted manner and offered at the right time. Nobody forgets to refresh their data protection training or instructions on safety in the workplace.


Regular small training doses improve the level of knowledge and skills of the employees every day - step by step. Learning progress is continuously documented via learning controls and certificates.

Artificial intelligence

From the already completed learning units and information from the connected HR system, lilli derives recommendations for further suitable knowledge modules and courses. In this way, every user receives suggestions that are precisely tailored to them and is optimally supported in further development.